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  A.Inertial Propulsion generation Wheel
(Taiwan patent M352472;M372891;M382655)
Phemax Technologies,Inc is the worlds’ first FREE Energy Harvesting & Sustainable energy development company,founded by Mr.Tajen Chi,Established in 2006,Phemax is a privately owned & new green energy technology company focused on the discovers, develops, manufactures, contract production and commercializes 3D induction products for Electromagnetic & Thermocombustion market. Phemax Technologies uses its proprietary set of technologies(The Microsun Plasmagnetic solution ) to 2major application,The Company’s technologies and products are protected by patent and pending patent applications:

Phemax Technologies has announced successfully created the world's first Sustainable Transportation device called Inertial Propulsion generation Wheel which can be used in Electric Vehicle,Hydrogen-fuel cell electric car & other Green Transportaion application,
( Taipei Taiwan,July 7th, 2010)

Traditional Thermal combustion engine & Electromagnetic motor and generator performance poor, because the relationship between institutional constraints;For example, since the 1830s has made motors and generators have to radial flux or axial flux induction, the electromotive force effect and counter-electromotive force are on the same axis, so at the same time launch and power generation operations, will have back-EMF braking Effect, so that in turn affect the effectiveness of speed reduction, The thermal combustion engine have the same situation, either radial or axial piston engine,t turned into mechanical energy is the energy spent most of the waste heat emissions into the engine cooling and refrigeration;Therefore, we designed a simple Mechanism, In a three-dimensional space rotor and stator fixed in the same parts, have both radial and axial unit, so when making one of the actuator, the other unit can capture the free energy
(CORAxial;Combined Radial Axial)
This institution we call the three-dimensional induction, also called Coraxial Hybrid Induction(CHI); CORAXIAL mean that have combined Radial Axial flux & induction, So this three-dimensional Mechanism can be easily reached also launched with the purpose of power generation, For example, you can be used radial for propulsion, while the axial for generation, launched by the radial mechanical energy generated could lead to free energy capture axial, And because the induction in different directions, it would not be counter-EMF braking effect, so speed will not affect.Please refer to the previous experimental and interesting proof of concept picture:
Radial propulsion & axial generation(low speed induction test)
Radial propulsion & radiall generation(low speed induction test)
Proof of concept of Combined Radial-Axial & Electromagnetic-3d induction

Proof of concept for FREE Illumination

Prototype of CHI(Coraxial Hybrid Indution)for distributed power
Proof of concept single flywheel for single & multi-induction.SINGLE Radial & single axial(Left);single raxial and multi-axial(Flywheel Storage & multi-coil electricity generation)
Prototype of CHI(Coraxial Hybrid Indution)for Sustainable transportation Multi-pm-coils induction
Application: Small appliances & FREE Illumination
Prototype of FREE electric fan & illumination(self generation)
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